About me and Kierkegaard

Soren Kierkegaard published Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions April 29 his Stages on Life’s Way April 30, 1845. The two, the first religious and the second pseudonymous, should possibly be looked at together. This is a public domain recording of the second part of Stages on Life’s Way as translated by Lee M. Hollander in 1923.

What Does, what Knows, what Is; three souls, one man.
Death in the Desert by Robert Browning

The penitent seeks God in the confession of sins. And the confessional is the way, and on the way of salvation, it is a place of prayer, where there is pause, where reflection concentrates the mind. Let us then pause, and on the occasion of confession, speak on the theme: What It Means To Seek God, more closely defining it by considering that no man can see God without purity, and that no man can know God without becoming a sinner.
Thoughts on Crucial Situations in Human Life — Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions By Soren Kierkegaard, Copenhagen April 29, 1845, translated from the Danish by David F. Swenson, Edited by Lillian Marvin Swenson Published by Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1941 Third Printing p. 9

To be sure, the man is stronger than the weak one, the woman, has far more expedients, knows how to get along much better, but then in turn the woman has one thing, on – indeed, precisely that, namely, that her element is: one. One wish, not many wishes – no, only one wish, but then, too, her whole soul is in it. One thought, not many thoughts – no, only one thought, but by the power of passion an enormous power. One sorrow, not many sorrows – no, one sorrow, but so deep in the heart that one sorrow certainly is immensely much more than the many. One sorrow, yes, only one sorrow, but that sorrow is also very deep – sorrow over her sin, as the woman who was a sinner. What, then, is earnestness?

With regard to thought, let the man have more earnestness; with regard to feeling, passion, decision, with regard to not thwarting oneself and the decision by thoughts, intentions, resolutions, with regard to not deceiving oneself by coming very close to a decision but without its becoming a decision – in this regard, the woman has more earnestness.
Soren Kierkegaard, An Upbuilding Discourse Dec 20, 1850 The Woman Who Was a Sinner Luke 7:37ff

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