Soren Kierkegard and I

Soren Aabye Kierkegaard lived in Copenhagen, Denmark from 1813-1855. He studied at the University of Copenhagen from 1830-1840 with the intention of becoming a Christian Lutheran preacher and teacher as his father requested.  Sometime during his studies he made the decision that he really didn’t want to preach or teach because he felt he was called to write.

So he wrote book after book, publishing them in his own name as well as pseudonymously under a variety of different names.

Kierkegaard published is Christian Discourses in 1848, the same year Marx published his Communist Manifesto. Kierkegaard wrote about spiritual communism in 1848.

My name is Craig Campbell and I have lived in Wisconsin for the most part. I became interested in Kierkegaard and his writings in 2007 and have continued to be interested to date. I began by trying to read his works into Librivox, a free audio book site where one is permitted to read works in the public domain, for others to listen to while driving or sitting around. I found that even though Kierkegaard had died in 1855 his works weren’t translated into English until 1938 and beyond.

I have read what I could find into Librivox – see the link below. LibriVox is a public domain audio site maintained by volunteers.
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YouTube seemed to be a good platform for me to create videos about Kierkegaard and his works so I have gathered a good number of videos from across YouTube.
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I found that many of the writings by and about Kierkegaard were listed on archive.org – this is a depository for texts, audio, video, software, etc.
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Soren Kierkegaard published Works of Love in 1847 and wrote elegantly about loving the neighbor as yourself. Two years later he wrote about the benefits of silence.

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