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1944 Political Society

Anarchical individualism denies that the entire man by reason of certain things which are in him, is a part of political society; totalitarianism states that man is part of political society by reason of himself as a whole and by reason of all that is in him (‘everything within the State, nothing against the State, nothing outside the State). The truth of the matter is that the entire man is a part of political society and exists with a view to its common good, but not by reason of himself as a whole.

Alexander Vinet and Soren Kierkegaard

The weaker members of the community are brought, by the force of example, by prejudice and convenience, by the entire legion of social influences, gradually to lose their individuality. They make themselves mere instruments for the whole, and offer, so to speak, their individuality as a contribution to the great general fund of society, where it disappears as in an abyss.

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