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Manuscripts at the Royal Library Denmark

kierkegaard on imagination

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miracle of faith

sk kant, fichte, goethe, hegel

Existentialism and Humanism by Sartre

A Short Life of Soren Kierkegaard 
Walter Lowrie 1938


The Kierkegaarden

Kierkegaard on descartes doubt

1855 Kierkegaard's Obituary

1895 Religous Life in Denmark

1900 Friedrich Nietzsche and his influence, from The Book Lover

1908 A Review of Stages of Life's Way

1914 Soren Kierkegaard

1916 The superman in modern literature

1933 Peter Drucker on SK

1935 Introduction to contemporary German philosophy by Werner Brock

1936 Kierkegaard & the Existential Philosophy

1940 David F. Swenson, scholar, teacher, friend.

1941 The terrible crystal: studies in Kierkegaard and modern Christianity

1944 The crisis of faith

1948 Christian paths to self-acceptance / Robert H. Bonthius

1948 The Abuse of Learning The Failure of the German University by Frederic Lilge

1948 Journal in the Night

1950 Idea-men of today

1950 Kierkegaard, the melancholy Dane

1950 The Meaning of Anxiety, Rollo May

1952 The Existentialist Revolt by Kurt Reinardt

1955 The Life And Thought Of Kierkegaard For Everyman

1958 Irrational Man by William Barrett

1958 Protestantism and Kierkegaard

1959 Protestant Thought From Rousseau To Ritschl by Karl Barth

1960 J G Hamann 1730-1788 A Study In Christian Existence

1960 Literature and religion: a study in conflict

1963 Existence and the world of freedom

1963 Paul Tillich – The System and the Gospel

1963 The tragic vision in twentieth-century literature

1978 Kierkegaard's Psychology

1989 Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship

1997 Between Hegel and Kierkegaard

2003 Kierkegaard versus Nietzsche

2011 What Knowledge Claims of God Involve (free)

Kierkegaard at Hathi Trust

Videos about Kierkegaard
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