About me and Kierkegaard

I’ve been reading Kierkegaard’s Christian Discourses of 1848 lately and have put some selections into audio video format. Kierkegaard had written about the death of God on the previous page, now he writes of the abyss.

Some of his Discourses – Soren Kierkegaard wrote over 80 discourses – all worth a look
Two Upbuilding Discourses May 16, 1843
The Expectation of Faith
Where is the best place to get your faith?
Every Good and Every Perfect Gift is From Above
How do we know if we should thank God for the gifts that come our way? When do we decide if it’s a good gift?

Three Upbuilding Discourses October 16, 1843 (the same day he published Fear and Trembling under a pseudonym he published this discourse under his own name) Love shall cover a multitude of sins.
Should we broadcast our neighbor’s sins or cover them up just as we cover our sins up and God throws them in the ocean.

Four Upbuilding Discourses December 6, 1843
The Lord Gave, and the Lord Took Away; Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Three upbuilding Discourses June 8, 1844
Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth.
The Expectancy of an Eternal Happiness

Four upbuilding Discourses August 31, 1844
Man’s Need of God Constitutes His Highest Perfection The first self and the second self.

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