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The Prophet by Pushkin

The Prophet By Alexander Pushkin (1799–1837) (Trans. Avrahm Yarmolinsky) The Prophet from Librivox    I DRAGGED my flesh through desert gloom, Tormented by the spirit’s yearning, And saw a six-winged Seraph loom Upon the footpath’s barren turning. And as a dream in slumber lies So…

St Methodius on Eunuchs

Now the whole spiritual meditation of the Scriptures is given to us as salt which stings in order to benefit, and which disinfects, without which it is impossible for a soul, by means of reason, to be brought to the Almighty; 300AD

Goethe On the Bible

The mischievous sectism of Protestantism will also cease, and with it alienation between father and son, brother and sister. For as soon as the pure teaching and love of Christ, as they really are, are comprehended and consistently practised, we shall realise our humanity as great and free, and cease to attach undue importance to mere outward form.

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