My name is Craig Campbell. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for the most part but did get to travel because I joined the Air Force and went to Texas, New Mexico, and Madrid, Spain. I taught school for a short time and then worked for the State of Wisconsin for 20 years.

Somewhere around 2006 I became interested in the writings of Søren Kierkegaard. His books were strange and interesting, so I decided to read as many as I could get my hands on.

I liked reading so much that I volunteered to add content to Wikipedia, Librivox, and YouTube. Then I started a blog and have been building and destroying it since 2011. It’s taken the form of a variety of quotes and links and has recieved a good number of hits.

I named it Kierkegaard’s Challenge because he wrote to the individual reader and tended to go against the idea of a State sponsored religion as much as a State sponsored philosophy. He wants each individual to choose for him or her self.

Librivox Readings all in the public domain

YouTube Videos by and about Kierkegaard


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