Month: December 2018

The Crisis

When a man jumps off a cliff, he doesn’t defy the law of gravitation; he merely illustrates it. Similarly, when a culture or a civilization jumps off a cliff, it doesn’t defy the ontological conditions which sanction it, or the nature of man, or the nature of God, or the nature of man’s destiny under God. It merely illustrates them. In short, at the point of crisis, our reasonings are thrust against the ultimate nature and meaning of things.

The three dreams of Rene Descartes — Splatter

When the young soldier, Rene Descartes, wakes up, he is very troubled by these three dreams, and thinks that they have been sent to him from Heaven. He starts to try to find out what they mean. via The three dreams of Rene Descartes —…

Franz von Baader

Baader was opposed to the Enlightenment’s mechanistic and atomistic idea of nature. Because of this, Baader is often referred to as a philosopher of Romanticism, which emphasized the unmediated knowledge of intuition, and the importance of our experience. via Franz von Baader

The Inner Voice

When a person turns and faces himself in order to understand himself, he steps, as it were, in the way of that first self, halts that which was turned outward in hankering for and seeking after the surrounding world that is its object, and summons it back from the external. In order to prompt the first self to this withdrawal, the deeper self lets the surrounding world remain what it is-remain dubious.

Reading Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, The Truth of Self-Certainty

Originally posted on Beyond the Suprasensorial:
Before I begin this summary, a quick word is that I’ll probably be putting off any other summaries for Hegel for a while, as my computer’s just broken and I’ve lost most of the notes that I had…

Gaining the soul

In patience, the soul comes to terms with all its possessors, with the life of the world in that it sufferingly gains itself from it, with God in that it sufferingly accepts itself from him, with itself in that it itself retains what it simultaneously gives to both without anyone being able to deprive the soul of it-patience. The soul can obtain nothing through power; it is in the hands of an alien power.

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